Witches' Sabbath
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Witches' Sabbath

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Witches’ Sabbath
Hans Baldung; Germany; 1510

Hans Baldung was one of Albrecht Dürer’s most successful pupils. This print is one of the most dramatic witch images ever produced. It shows an obsession with the malevolence of female sexuality, a subject in which Baldung specialized. It is likely that he found a ready market for such subjects in the affluent city of Strasbourg where he lived and worked. The violet Witches’ Hammer, written by Dominican inquisitors Kramer and Sprenger was first published in this city in 1487; by 1520 it had been re-printed fourteen times. The hunt and persecution of women under the guise of being witches was not limited to Salem, MA but was rampant across Europe with more than 300,000 women and little girls being murdered under accusations of witchcraft.

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