Belle Bonne
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Belle Bonne

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Belle, Bonne
sage by Baude Cordier; Codex Chantilly, France, 14th Century

Original French:

Belle, bonne, sage, plaisante et gente,

A ce jour cy que l'an se renouvelle,

Vous fais le don d'une chanson nouvelle

Dedans mon cuer qui a vous se presente.

De recevoir ce don ne soyés lente,

Je vous suppli, ma doulce damoyselle;

(Belle, bonne, sage...)

Car tant vous aim qu'aillours n'ay mon entente,

Et sy scay que vous estes seulle celle

Qui fame avés que chascun vous appelle:

Flour de beauté sur toutes excellente.

(Belle, bonne, sage...)



Lovely, good, wise, gentle and noble one,

On this day that the year becomes new

I make you a gift of a new song

Within my heart, which presents itself to you.

Do not be reluctant to accept this gift,

I beg you, my sweet damsel;

(Lovely, good, wise...)

For I love you so well that I have no other purpose,

And know well that you alone are she

Who is famous for being called by all:

Flower of beauty, excellent above all others.

(Lovely, good, wise...)


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