Archangel Michael Driving Satan From Heaven
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Archangel Michael Driving Satan From Heaven

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Archangel Michael
Drives Satan from Heaven
After a woodcut by Albrecht Durer; Nuremberg 1496

"Michael and his angels won the victory over the dragon, which is to say Lucifer, and all his followers when he drove them out of Heaven. For when Lucifer sought to be equal to God, the Archangel Michael, standard-bearer of the heavenly host, came forward, and cast the rebels out of Heaven, imprisoning them in the dark regions of the air until the day of Judgement. They are not permitted to dwell in Heaven, which is the upper region of the air, and is bright and pleasant; nor with us on earth, lest they molest us excessively."

Runaway Rabbit Press
Restored, New Block Plate created by Bonny Gregory © 2007
all rights reserved; some wrongs still available

Print Size: 12"x16"
Printed by hand; Woodblock Print
Block Printed on Archival Vellum Paper
Printed on a restored 1898 Chandler & Price Printing Press