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About Bonny

Seventy years ago there was a small gift shop called Fleet Street Gifts, near the harbor in downtown Annapolis, Maryland. The shop on Fleet Street was a family business, owned and operated by Bonny's grandparents. Fleet Street Gifts specialized in unique gifts, artisan goods, gourmet items, and custom framing.
Bonny's parents taught her the magic of the forest, old books, and the wonderful world of the Renaissance Faire. Three generations later, Bonny Gregory follows in the footsteps of her father and grandfather with Runaway Rabbit, Runaway Rabbit Press, and Two Witches Cauldron.
After spending too many years as a runaway bunny, Bonny now lives with her family in Augusta, Arkansas, a sleepy historic town in the heart of the Delta. Bonny's art studio is based in downtown Augusta.

Runaway Rabbit: The Quirky Artist Studio

The Runaway Rabbit studio is sometimes open to the public, and offers a unique and quirky assortment of items from fellow artists, indie brands, and gourmet coffee. A curious collection of artisanal goods, and soul-feeding items lies between cotton fields and rice patties, sending out good vibes, and a whole lotta weirdness.
Find Bonny in downtown Augusta, or traveling selling shit she made at a Renaissance Festival.

Runaway Rabbit Press

Runaway Rabbit Press is our printmaking and custom-framing business. Bonny and her husband Bill Bill work with rare books, libraries, and museums around the world to source historic art.  Our focus is specifically from the Renaissance, though everyone has to break their own rules sometimes.

In our restoration efforts, we lovingly restore and repair the prints through traditional means. We hand carve and cut woodblocks, lino-cuts, silk screens, and more. The majority of our prints are printed by hand, or with our 1898 Chandler & Price printing press. Bonny watercolors various prints, each one becoming an original painting with no two watercolored prints being exactly alike.

Carrying on the traditional craft, all of our work is custom framed. We offer archival framing, with acid free and museum quality materials and options available.


Two Witches Cauldron

Two Witches Cauldron is a magical emporium for hearth & home. Two Witches offers a variety of unique products and one of a kind items for magical means and every day needs.